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Entrance to the Sambhal Railway Station

They call me Navaid Alam Faruqui. You may address me simply as NAF.

Legend has it that I was born in a small dusty town called Sambhal in the Northern Province of India on the 29th of May 1976, a day of great rejoice for the people of Sambhal thence forth. Therein, I spent my most important days of childhood learning under the most renowned teachers mankind has ever known. These teachers were legends in their own right.

Brought up in a poverty stricken home, I hardly managed four meals a day. Non-vegetarian dishes were a luxury not many indulged in; limited to about six days a week. However, I was more fond of fruits and there were gardens and orchards and fields that God had bestowed upon the people of Sambhal from the days of the Forefathers. Thank you God, for the favours thou bestowed upon me and my nation.

But fate had something else in store for me. After completing my religious studies in Sambhal, I moved to the Land of the Prophet, may peace be upon him, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the eighty eighth year of the twentieth century. There, I was admitted to the Indian Embassy School, Dammam, a seat of great learning from times immemorial. The school was a cradle for talent nurtured by the likes of Neils Bohra, Saint Mathew, Al Pandey, Sri Shankar, Hey Ram, The Qayyam, Modest Tasneem, Martial Anwaar and counts of other great souls.

The next phase of my learning had now started and I was brought back to my country by the Will of God. I took up Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Dayananda Sagar College, Bangalore and earned the Bachelors degree to become one of the first engineers of the twenty first century.

Man proposes, God disposes. This could not be more true; for my plans of going 15,000 kilometers West were altered and I was led 150 kilometers South in pursuit of knowledge to a land I had never imagined myself to be in. I therefore, chose to expand my horizons and do a favor on the community of engineers and Mysore University by taking up Masters in Computer Science and Technology. The university, spread out like a fortress on the historic land of Tiger Tipu Sultan, shines like a beacon in the sea of knowledge.

The information industry could not remain devoid of my presence for too long. Hence, God created circumstances whereby I was led to join a leading telecom player in India viz. Sasken Communication Technologies Limited, after having helped smaller companies in the field. The company known for its human resource excellence was an obvious choice for me.

In the summer of 2005, I decided to consume the fruit of life (aka Samar) through the bond of marriage. It was once again a moment of great rejoice for the people of Sambhal. Hundreds flocked to witness the event and be part of the grand feast. Within a year and a half on the night of Qadr in the month of Ramadan, the Almighty blessed the union with a cute slave of his who was rightfully named Abdullah, the heir to my yet un-acquired throne.

Without humour, we are all just a bunch of egotists. (Jaideep Varma, Documentary Filmmaker)

Two years later, I decided to part from my company after nearly five years due to irreconcilable differences on the management of my finances and the desire to share my wealth of knowledge with other seekers in the information pond. EMC2, those Einsteinian masqueraders,  seemed most desirous of my presence causing me to favour them in their desire to have me on board.

The end of 2009 saw another milestone in my humble life with the arrival of my daughter, Reem, another player in the grand scheme of God.

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